Frequently Asked Questions:

Can individual people place orders?

Absolutely, we pride ourselves in individual customer service.

If I'm not sure of my needs will you help?

Our in house staff members are equipped with the tools and knowledge to assist you with your plans.

Is there a restocking fee?

There is no restocking fee on items we stock. However, there is a 15% restocking fee on items we purchase from our vendors.

How do the shelf clips work?

Plastic shelf clips are a tapered sleeves that simply snap together around the wire post. Wire shelves slide down on top of the sleeve. These are compression clips so the heavier the load the tigher the fit. Innovative and simple. Plastic shelf clips are easily installed and removed allowing easy and quick adjustment to your wire shelves.

Can I use my companies freight carrier?

If you have an account with a freight company and would like us to ship under your account #, let us know and we will certainly accomodate your needs.

Do you offer payment plans?

Please call and if your credit qualifies we will offer you a payment plan.

How do I measure an area for wire shelving?

When measuring a room for a quotation, keep the following suggesions in mind:

  1. All objects such as doors, windows and columsn must be clearly measured with all dimensions included. It is better to give more dimensions than less for all objects rather than missing a dimension.
  2. If a layout contains an angled wall, then included the angle, if possible. If not, then double-check all related dimensions for the angled wall. Areas that need a minimal clearance must be clearly marked. Any other requirements need to be indicated, such as minimal aisle way clearance.
  3. Include any local notes indicating fire extinguishers, light switches and any other objects that need to be avoided. These must be clearly marked. These are good starting points for taking correct measurements. Once you have your dimensions give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Do you ship unassembled as well as assembled?

Yes. We can ship either way. Current online shipping prices are for unassembled products. If you would like us to assemble the product for you beforehand give us a call or contact us here and we will be more than happy to work with you.

What are the most appealing features of your wire shelving units?

Our wire shelving is made of a nickel chrome plated carbon steel, giving them superior strength and durability without compromising looks. The sturdy build of wire shelving allows you to maximize storage capacity even in the smallest areas. You can assemble units of varying shelf lengths, widths and heights. Contemporary open wire design allows wire shelves to complement your decor while still providing a high storage capacity.

What are the most appealing features of your wire shelves?

Wire shelves are manufactured to industrial specifications. Wire shelves are able to hold heavy weight loads. The ventilated design maintains a dust free shelving unit. Choose from our standard chrome, black, stainless steel, or freezer wire shelves. We also carry specialty shelves such as deep basket, narrow basket, slanted or wine rack shelves.

What are the most appealing features of your wire shelf liners?

Wire shelf liners create a smooth solid surface. They provide an attractive solution to small parts falling through the wire. When selecting wire shelf liners be sure to decide if you want our simple plastic shelf liners or if you would like colored liners ours are available in a custom assortment of colors, which can be seen here. Our plastic liners are available in off white only. Wire shelf liners are sold in 2 packs and 4 packs.

What are the most appealing features of your wire shelf posts?

Our chrome round posts are 1" diameter cold rold carbon steel. They are 1 solid peice. Available in a wide variety of lengths. We can customize your post height if desired. Please call and speak to an associate. Posts are numbered every 1 inch and have grooves along the post making it easy to install.

Garment rods can be installed on your wire shelf units. You can add garment rods to an existing shelving unit or to an existing wardrobe rack. Installs quick and easy. Our garment rods come in a wide variety of lengths. We most likely have one that meets your garment storage requirements.

How do you wire shelf ledges work?

Wire Shelf ledges are an economical practical accessory for your wire shelf unit. Ledges come in a wide variety of lengths. Wire shelf ledges can be used on all 4 sides of your shelving unit. You can also stack your wire shelf ledges on top of each other creating a taller barrier.

How do your wire shelf dividers work?

Shelving dividers are a practical solution to compartmentalizing your goods. Wire shelf dividers snap on and off easily. This allows for quick adjustment and readjustment so you can put your wire shelf dividers where you need them immediately with ease.

What are the features of your wire shelf utility carts?

Attractive chrome construction both durable and practical. Wire shelf carts are available in 2 or 3 shelf units. You can certainly add an extra shelf but just be aware of height betweens shelves. Address your mobile storage needs with strength and style. Open wire construction allows for a hassle free low maintenance. Non marring so it is safe on the most precious floors but strong enough for rugged transportation. Wire shelf carts also need the plastic shelf clips. Shelves then slide over the sleeves. Split sleeves are an innovative item. They allow you quick assembly, adjustment and readjustment.

What are the features of your garment racks?

Wardrobe racks create an extra storage space for your clothes shoes and other necessities. Popular as stand alone or mobile units and very popular for closet or pantry applications. Attractive chrome finish. Wardrobe racks come with our dust free wire shelves. The wire shelves have the same storage capacity as our shelving units. Open wire construction and ventilated design keeps your clotes dust free and fresh. Choose from a wide variety of our garment racks. Customize by adding an additional garment rod or by adding more storage shelves. Choose from mobile and stationary units.